Quality In - Heathrow - London - Construction - Electrical Engineering
Quality In - Heathrow - London - Construction - Electrical Engineering

Quality In Business Services are a technical and quality specialist founded on over 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing, construction and operational sectors
including automotive manufacturing, airport facilities management and airport construction projects. We are also conveniently located near to Heathrow.


Skilled in delivering a wide range of technical and quality roles to meet the diverse and demanding needs of industry, our services range from quality management, planning and assurance to  mechanical and electrical engineering and technical assurance.


We are technical experts in automation, including airport baggage systems and fast moving automation, as well as vertical and horizontal circulation equipment such as lifts, escalators, moving walkways and aircraft passenger boarding bridges. We also have in depth knowledge and experience of tunnels and their control systems.


To support our customers we identified the need to be varied and adaptive and the one stop shop for all of our customers technical and quality requirements. This has seen us successfully develop and deliver our requirements management and assurance capability on complex electrical and mechanical construction projects utilising complex databases and tracking software to ensure the customers’ requirements are delivered.




Quality In - Heathrow - London - Construction - Electrical Engineering


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Quality In - Heathrow - London - Construction - Electrical Engineering
•  Aircraft Passenger Boarding Bridges
•  Lifts, Escalators and Moving Walkways
•  Airport Baggage Systems


•  Mechanical and Electrical Systems
•  Tunnel Systems
•  Aircraft Ramp Equipment
•   Quality Assurance
•   ISO9001_2015 Implementation and Auditing
•   Lean Production Systems (TPS, Six Sigma)


•   Quality Planning
•   Quality Control
•   Quality Improvement



Quality In - Heathrow - London - Construction - Electrical Engineering
  • Technical Assurance

    • Develop and implement project assurance strategies
    • Prototyping
    • Sampling and benchmarking
    • Factory acceptance testing
    • Site acceptance testing
    • Confidence trials
    • Client handovers
    • CE Marking
  • Engineering Consultancy

    • Mechanical Systems
    • Electrical and electronic systems
    • PLC’s
    • Fast moving automation
    • Airport Systems
    • Airport Equipment
    • Aircraft Passenger Boarding Bridges
    • Airport Baggage Systems
    • Lifts, Escalators and Moving Walkways
    • Tunnel Systems
  • Requirements Management

    • DOORS Tracking
    • Systems engineering
    • Verification
    • Validation
    • Status Reporting
  • Facilities Management

    • Maintenance Management
    • Maintenance Strategies
    • Condition Based Monitoring
    • Resource Planning
  • Asset Management

    • Asset Integration
    • Asset Information
    • Operating and Maintenance Information
    • Document Control
  • Airport Operations

    • Aircraft Passenger Boarding Bridges
    • Baggage Systems
    • Stand Entry Guidance
    • Fixed Electrical Ground Power
    • Airfield Ground Lighting
  • Quality Management

    • Tendering information
    • Project Brief
    • Requirements Writing
    • Quality forums, workshops and reviews
    • Quality strategies and frameworks
  • Quality Planning

    • Quality plans (ISO 10005)
    • Critical assets register / quality register
    • Authorised and competent persons register
    • Review and approval plans
  • Quality Control

    • Assurance strategies
    • Design verification
    • FMEA
    • Inspection and test planning
    • Manufacturing verification and review
    • Factory and Site acceptance testing
    • Commissioning and handover
    • Operational readiness
  • Quality Assurance

    • Certificates of compliance (design,
      manufacturing, installation)
    • Conformity assessments (against customer
      delivery standards)
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Party Audits (ISO9001 &
      customer quality management systems)
    • Non-conformance management
    • Concessions
    • CE Marking
  • Quality Improvement

    • Lessons learnt
    • Root cause analysis
    • Preventative actions
    • Opportunities for improvement


Aircraft Boarding Bridges

Baggage Systems

Lifts & Escalators

ISO Implementation

Aircraft Boarding Bridges

Quality In are the leading experts in technical and quality assurance of Aircraft Passenger Boarding Bridge projects. With over 4 years’ experience as part of over 50 Air Bridge installations at the UK’s busiest hub airport – Heathrow, we have established ourselves as the go to experts in this field.


Our latest project has been to provide assurance on the latest generation of Air Bridge and stand configurations to serve the Airbus A380 double decker aircraft at Heathrow’s busy Terminal 4. This requires meticulous stand planning, an air bridge that’s can meet the demands of these aircraft and a coordinated and efficient approach to eliminate waste in the delivery of these projects reducing programme impacts and maintaining business as usual in one of the world’s busiest and most constrained airports.


We successfully completed detailed analysis of the stand planning design, the air bridge technical functionality and provided the client assurance through a proven process of verification and validation at key project milestones.


The Result?

Two new A380 Code F stands to serve one of Heathrow’s most important and valued clients and a reconfigured smaller Code E stand to serve the fast turnaround operations of the short haul market.


The diversity of understanding how the complex Code F A380 requirements are met versus the smaller code of aircraft has enabled us to tailor a ‘toolkit’ of processes and procedures to ensure all these varied and complex requirements are met to deliver a ready up and running operation at handover whilst still delivering an efficient project cost model optimising every pound, euro or dollar spent.

Baggage Systems

We have provided our clients assurance and requirements management on what is arguably one of the most complex, operationally sensitive, secure and passenger centric systems anywhere in the world. How often do you wonder what happens to your bag once you’ve checked into the airport? We are experienced in the systems, processes and procedures that ensure your bag is there when you land reliably, safely and on time.


We are currently providing technical assurance and requirements management on the complex baggage system security and asset replacement improvement programme at Heathrow’s Terminal 1,2 and 4. Our client is as passionate about assurance as we are and through a collaborative approach we ensure these systems met the thousands of requirements set-out by the stakeholders. Tracking these requirements is complex and we use equally complex software to track, link, and verify that each requirement is met.


We have successfully provided this service during the scheme design phase ensuring the client has the assurance that the supply chain are delivering a working and compliant design into the next project phase.

Lifts & Escalators

Another area of expertise and experience is in the assurance of lifts, escalators and moving walkways. We have built on the last 4 years of experience gained in delivering technical and quality assurance on over 200 lifts, escalators and moving walkways across the Heathrow campus.


Most recently we have delivered technical and quality assurance on the Heathrow Terminal 5 vertical circulation enhancement project. We provided our client with a series of key interventions to ensure that the clients bespoke and detailed requirements we met during the design, construction and installation phase. Our team has over 10 years’ experience in the lift industry and can tailor an assurance programme to meet any of your vertical or horizontal circulation needs, no matter how bespoke. We believe in treating all of our clients individually so every assurance programme is specifically tailored to meet your needs.

ISO Implementation

As quality professionals we have vast and detailed experience of the benefits of ISO certification. With a team of lead auditors we can provide your business with a ‘get ready for ISO9001’ service that will review your current processes and procedures in line with ISO9001-2015 and provide a gap analysis of what is needed to successfully achieve certification.


Currently we are working in the mechanical and electrical service industry setting up a complete integrated quality management system in preparation for ISO9001-2015 certification. We have complied processes and procedures for the business to implement using our experience of best practice and the understanding of how the certification process works and most importantly how these systems can improve business performance.

The benefits include:


  • Improved Commercial Efficiency – by detailing and refining processes we can strip out waste and non-value added work streams.
  • Improved Market Positon – more and more clients mandate ISO9001 certification in their supply chain requirements, ensure you have the competitive edge on your competition.
  • Continuity of Business – with documented processes and procedures your business can increase diversity within the workforce ensuring multiple staff can complete key business processes and the business does not rely on individuals.
  • Continuous Improvement – one of our core values is to ensure not only our clients but also ourselves improve continuously. ISO demands that continuous improvement is a core function within the business – at Quality In we believe that success in this area is by creating a culture of improvement within the workforce. With experience gained working within the Toyota Production System we understand that the answers to almost all business problems lies with those closest – the workforce. Those who are carrying out the process or procedure are best placed to identify improvements. Through coaching and setting up key systems such as quality circles we can ensure you get the best out of your people and in turn the best out of your business.
Quality In - Heathrow - London - Construction - Electrical Engineering

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Our mission is to provide customers with an expert business service using industry best practice, innovation and continuous improvement techniques.


“How long does it take for you to find an example of something in the workplace that says:  ‘quality is important to our business’?”


Adam Rumens, Founder

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